The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

Celebrating 40 Episodes - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 41

September 20, 2022

We here at the Fractional C-Suite Retreat are celebrating 40 episodes with a compilation of some moments from our most popular interviews. We appreciate those who have listened along with us and hope you’ll join us for a trip down memory lane.


A huge thank you to the guests below for taking part in our show! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Brian Smith - Founder and Partner at IA Business Advisors

Valerie Cobb - Co-Founder at Revenue Northstar

Luke Templin - Founder and Profit First Coach at a2 advisers

Mark Scrimenti - Fractional COO at Vivid Path

Jim Rowe - CEO/CMO at Jim Rowe Marketing




  • Many C-suite members have blinders on, it’s essential to be able to become more in touch with the world.
  • A business needs to have 3 core things to survive, Finances, Operations, and Inbound.
  • While pricing appears as something that should be formulaic, in actuality it is an art form.
  • Listen to your customers, their comments and feedback will guide the growth of your company.
  • When it comes to writing and critical thinking, you need to put in time and effort to hone your skills and retain them. You can always be learning and improving.


Brian Smith: 


Valerie Cobb:


Luke Templin:


Mark Scrimenti:


Jim Rowe:

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