The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

Marketing Framework - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 008

January 11, 2022

Mark Scrimenti has over 15 years of leadership experience in ecommerce, and he is the Fractional CEO at Vivid Path Consulting. He sits down with host Joseph Frost to talk about what some innovations and new ideas are for fractional professionals, such as making sure that you have a repeatable process in place to scale your business.



  • You need to know your customers. You can have a great service or product but no one is going to buy if you aren’t marketing it to the right people. 
  • You need to apply the right framework to your business. You want to be able to adapt to changes in your business but you also want a nice structure as well. 
  • Listening to your customers is incredibly important. They are the ones who will give you honest feedback which can help grow your business to a higher level than before. 
  • You need repeatable processes if you want to scale your business. Otherwise you will not be able to grow your business model to the height you want.
  • It’s good to set “rocks” or goals for your team. It motivates them to focus on a good project and help to develop the company. 
  • Communication is key. You need to have good communication with your company as that will help develop a positive work culture. 
  • It’s important for fractional professionals to be aligned with the people who will be hiring them, which are typically CEOs.



Quote of the Show:


2:21 “I think everybody pays lip service to being customer-focused. Everybody says, yeah, we talk to our customers regularly, but I question that, are you really talking to your customers regularly? And more importantly, are you listening to them? And what are they telling you? If you talk to your customers, you really listen to them. They're going to tell you how to grow your business. They're going to give you innovation opportunities for optimization


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