The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

Less is More - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 001

November 23, 2021

Valerie Cobb is the Fractional Chief Sales Officer at Lodestar U.R.Y., and she joins host Joseph Frost to talk about how outsourcing can provide a lot of help to other C-Suites. She was not only the Director of the highest selling team in company history at Taxware Systems, but also a private vocal coach for 18 years!  


  • The biggest problem facing c-suites today is that they are missing out on some opportunities because they are closed off to ideas they don’t understand.
  • Outsource work is a great way to save costs and take a lot of work off the plate of those in the c-suite.
  • Marketing needs to drive sales. They have to be well meshed in order for them to work well together.
  • You need to have a process in place before you assign a person to a job, otherwise it’s work without a clear direction.
  • C-suites have to look for the line drawn in the sand between training and consulting and actual fractional chief leadership of any kind.  
  • Every business needs to have three core values to survive; Finances, Operations and incoming revenue. 



Quote of the Show:


7:28 There are three core things that a business has to have. They have to have finance, they have to have operations and they have to have inbound. They have to have revenue coming in. So imagine, a small company, they can afford $50,000, but they're just really throwing $50,000 away, because it's going to take them four or five years. I have taken statistics talking to people like how long did it take you to ramp that position up?


Oh, four years. Okay. What did you just do for four years? Not only did you lose revenue for those four years because it wasn't really great. But you also paid somebody 50,000 plus benefits for 4 years. So in the fractional marketing world, we do it all the time. We outsource digital, we outsource calls, inbound lead generation from cold calling teams and things like that.”


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