The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

Modern Day Marketing - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 028

June 7, 2022

Eric Johnson is the CMO of yorCMO. He believes that every person and brand has amazing potential waiting to be opened. His experience in B2C marketing is evident and he’s a dynamic marketer and commercial executive. Eric joins host Joseph Frost to talk about some of the latest innovations in the c-suite. 



  • You want to make sure that both your sales and marketing are aligned in all aspects of your company. 
  • For marketing, set goals each month on what your marketing message to be and then see how sales can relate to that.
  • Use people’s emotions to your advantage in marketing. There is enough negative in the world so try and supply people with hope. 
  • There is a search for authenticity right now in terms of marketing as people prefer being authentic over a sales pitch.
  • A fractional professional can help things move faster in a company as they are being paid to come in and provide their services.
  • It’s the job of a fractional professional to help the company be strong, they are not there to talk people’s jobs or run the company. 
  • You want to be aligned with the company on a personal and cultural level to work with them. It makes it difficult to work together if you don’t align on your values.



Quote of the Show:


1:07 “As you're thinking about your business, one area that I have had a lot of experience with over the years is really aligning sales and marketing.”



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