The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

A Rock and a Plan - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 005

December 21, 2021

Sharon Means, Fractional Integrator/COO at Entrepreneurial Advisory Institute, has been a CPA for over 30 years. She helps to keep companies on track with their goals and has proven expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through evaluation of financial management systems. She joins host Joseph Frost to discuss what life is like in the c-suite and what some new opportunities are for fractional professionals.



  • With the Great Resignation period that we are going through right now, it’s actually a good time to find people that are looking for work that can better suit your company and move the needle in the right direction.
  • There is a lot more opportunity for people to shift into different roles or jobs now because of how everyone is looking for new work opportunities.
  • You can use EOS tools to better understand what roles work better for people to put them in the best position to succeed.
  • When a fractional professional comes in, it’s not that they are coming in to hold people accountable but rather be more cooperative and encourage positive discourse. 
  • You need a three year plan or a five year plan when it comes to a company. That is one thing companies think isn’t important but it puts a deadline on goals and helps motivate employees to achieve them.
  • You want to make sure that everyone you hire represents your core values and is a fit in your company, that goes for fractional professionals as well.
  • A fractional person can help a company that is bogged down and get them moving again. Some fresh insight can really help get things going again.



Quote of the Show:


12:58 “The first thing that I try to do is lead with how can I help you? What can we do for you? I think that that builds trust.

And then we eventually get to a place where we're holding leadership meetings that are very candid and fluid. We have some nice discourse with people agreeing, not agreeing, but getting to a good result.” 


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