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Training Sellers for Success - Karl Schaphorst - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode # 38

August 16, 2022

Today’s guest wants to help you build a sales culture of success. He's a sales coach and leader who has refined thousands of salespeople into high-performing sales professionals. Karl Schaphorst is the President and Owner of Sandler Sales and Management Training in Omaha, Nebraska. Karl joins host Joe Frost on this week’s episode to talk about hiring the right people, the merits of a fractional system, and how sales teams need to be taking advantage of virtual meetings. 




  • When customers are having problems, they talk to salespeople. Salespeople bring solutions.
  • When you relegate your salespeople to other roles, not only will your demand eventually slow down, but they will forget the skills they developed, making it harder to generate more demand. 
  • Fractional sales roles run the risk of losing interest and excitement in the multiple clients you are working for. 
  • When hiring salespeople look for “Patriots” not “Mercenaries”. Mercenaries will deliver you the minimum task required, while patriots will strive to accomplish their task because they believe in what they are doing.
  • Fractional and Part Time are different. While a fractional professional spends time at multiple organizations, you need to be full-time committed to being a fractional professional. 
  • As a salesperson, leverage the power of virtual meetings. Virtual meetings let you be more efficient, and your competition will be using them. 
  • When leveraging virtual meetings, make sure your presentation of yourself is high quality. Dress well, and have a decent camera and microphone.



Quote of the Show:

“Make sure that the habits that build a business are not quickly forgotten, but are strengthened every day.” - Karl Schaphorst


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