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Foundations Of A Fractional Professional - Nancy Fox - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode #49

November 22, 2022

Today’s guest is a community builder and a LinkedIn and networking ninja. She is the business advisor to many fractional owners and fractional professionals that want to launch their careers and scale their business. Nancy Fox is the Founder and CEO of Fractional Connections. On this week’s episode of the Fractional C-Suite Retreat, Nancy shares her tips for entrepreneurs who want to hire a fractional professional, and the ways fractional professionals can add additional revenue streams. 


  • The fractional community needs to boost the awareness of entrepreneurs. While larger businesses are more familiar with fractional professionals, entrepreneurs still have little awareness. 
  • When marketing to entrepreneurs, focus on how you can solve their pain points, rather than simply the benefits you can provide. 
  • If your clients don’t know what their pain points are, it’s your job to help them identify those problems.
  • When hiring for an inhouse executive role, the process takes time so that you can build trust and ensure the right fit. Fractional professionals get hired in a matter of weeks, companies should utilize advisors and testimonials to ensure a right fit.
  • As a fractional professional, you are growing a business, and businesses require more than one revenue stream. Having at least 3 revenue streams is a safe bet.
  • An E-book is a great way to promote yourself. An E-book leads to speaking gigs that will put you in front of potential clients. 
  • Organizations like EO are a great resource for fractional professionals looking to learn and meet others. 



Quote of the Show:

  • “No agony, no action” - Nancy Fox


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