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Finding Your Fractional Fit - Sean Dockery - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode #47

November 8, 2022

Today’s guest is a fractional professional with 15 years of finance, accounting, and operational experience. He specializes in building companies' finance functions from the ground up, to enable efficient and repeatable data output. Welcome to the show, Founder and Fractional CFO at Syncopated Synergy, Sean Dockery. Sean joins Joe Frost to discuss his tips for fractional professionals, how to focus on finding value for an organization, and what companies should look for in fractional professionals. 




  • The role of the c-suite has shifted. In remote-focused environments, individuals with a strong understanding of the systems in place should be running the show, the c-suite should be there for guidance.
  • When it comes to streamlining costs, don’t get rid of the accountant in the finance department, look to lower costs in the leadership team with a fractional CFO.
  • The best mentality to have as a fractional professional is to make decisions as if you were in that seat full-time. Thinking this way will lead to better strategies, and strengthen the relationship between you and your client. 
  • When starting out a fractional relationship, charge less during your setup period. Once you are fully setup and operational, you can charge a more fair rate for the work that is being done.  
  • While fractional employees have many benefits, W2 employees outside of the c-suite often have a higher sense of ownership over their roles.
  • Not every role in a department needs to be in-house or outsourced. A hybrid team of employees of both types can offer a lot of advantages.
  • Online networking groups are booming. Joining a few can introduce you to some new clients or referral partners who would be outside of your regular circles.



Quote of the Show:

  • “Do we really need that 200,000 plus dollar executive team?” - Sean Dockery


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