The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

Creating Meaningful Employee Relationships - Mark Ratafia - Fractional C-Suite Retreat - Episode #48

November 15, 2022

In a virtual world, how can we make connections that are more personal? Today’s guest is a trusted financial advisor with over thirty years of broad-based experience in tax, accounting, and business advisory. Mark Ratafia is the President & CEO of Beacon CPA and the guest speaker on this episode of the Fractional C-Suite Retreat. Mark joins Joe to talk about ways you can create culture in a remote environment, the hidden costs of being remote, and which areas in a company lend themselves to being outsourced.




  • C-Suites need to be focused on creating organizations that attract and retain good employees.
  • In-person interactions are the foundation of company culture. Instead of trying to convince everyone to go back to working in an office, plan a yearly in-person company retreat.
  • While going fully remote and closing a physical office may seem like a good way to save on costs. Your travel and entertainment costs for the team will increase and may cancel out the amount saved.
  • While remote work has a lot of advantages, it can quickly become isolating. As a remote worker, it is important to carve out time away from your desk where you interact with other people. 
  • Managers need to learn a new style of management. In a remote environment, you need to be more structured, you can no longer browse by cubicles and ask people how they are doing.
  • When choosing what to outsource, you don’t just have to outsource things you are weak at. You might be great at marketing, but if it is taking up time that could be more valuable elsewhere, it is an area worth outsourcing. 
  • It is important to consider that when hiring a fractional professional, that person only has so much time a week to spend at your organization. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “How do we actually create human relationships that are meaningful?” - Mark Ratafia




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